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Preventative Periodontics: Is It a Myth?

To start with, let’s define periodontics. This is the branch of dentistry concerned with all the structures surrounding your teeth. These would include your gums, the little ligaments that hold your teeth in your jawbone, and the bone around your teeth. Keeping these structures healthy is every bit as vital as keeping your teeth healthy […]


When Would We Opt for Veneers? 

Have you ever seen before-and-after photographs of a movie star who had bad teeth when she was young and beautiful teeth when she was famous? The way this used to be done was with crowns. Every tooth in her mouth would have been drilled down and covered with a crown, which meant a lot of […]


Tooth filling: Composites vs. Amalgams

What’s the difference between composite fillings and amalgams? Amalgams are metal fillings – the word “amalgam” means “a mixture of different elements. In dentistry, an amalgam filling is made from a combination of mercury, silver, tin, and copper. It has been used to repair decayed teeth for 150 years. An amalgam filling is very long-lasting […]


How to Choose a Dentist

Our patients who are moving out of the area often ask us how they should find a new dentist. It’s handy to choose one that is very close to your new home but that might not give you a dentist you really like. In our practice, we focus on offering the kind of care that […]


Straightening Teeth Without all the Metal

Now, it’s possible to get the beautiful smile you want without all the metal. At Fall Creek Dental, we offer many of our patients the chance to get the beautiful, straight smiles they want without the tangle of metal parts around their teeth. We use Invisalign braces to gently ease the teeth into the optimum […]


When Does Someone Actually Need Cosmetic Dentistry?

You might think of cosmetic dentistry as just something movie stars do so they appear perfect in front of the cameras. Actually, cosmetic dentistry has much more to offer than just a beautiful smile. There are many other ways that everyday people benefit from cosmetic dentistry – in fact, there are even health benefits connected […]


Toys for Tots

Dr. Wright and Dr. Greenaway got the opportunity to attend the Toys for Tots Banquet while in Florida! The official press release will be coming soon so stay tuned for more information!


New Landmarks!

Our Roundabout now has Sails! Located at the corner of Fall Creek and Brookschool Road, we can’t be missed.