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The Many Benefits of Fluoride

Posted on: Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

What are the benefits of naturally-occurring fluorideThe American Dental Association has provided our profession with extensive research on the benefits of fluoride going back many years. This research began when a dentist in Colorado noticed that people in certain regions had teeth that were more resistant to decay. After further study, residents of seven other states also had decay-resistant teeth. Finally, this characteristic was traced to higher levels of naturally-occurring fluoride in their soils.

A number of different kinds of fluoride treatments are available to provide similar protection for people who do not have access to agricultural products from fluoride-rich soils. These include fluoride toothpastes and topically applied fluoride gels. We can help you protect your teeth with fluoride treatments in our office.

Fluoride Also Helps Treat Sensitivity

As many as 35% of Americans suffer from occasional or constant tooth sensitivity. If you’re one of them, your teeth may be sensitive even if they are healthy and don’t need fillings or crowns.

Why do teeth get overly sensitive? The surfaces of your teeth are covered with microscopic openings called tubules. When hot, cold or sweet foods are consumed, they trigger sensations that are transmitted through the tubules to the sensitive pulp in the core of the tooth. You feel these sensations as pain.

To help with sensitivity or to prevent decay, our preferred topical application is the PreviDent Varnish from Colgate. This fluoride treatment is painted onto the tooth’s surface. As soon as it comes in contact with saliva, it quickly sets, forming a smooth coating on the surface of the teeth and sealing the tubules which reduces irritation in the nerve-rich pulp of your teeth.

Fluoride Treatment is Even More Important if Your Mouth is Dry

When a patient suffers from a dry mouth, it’s even more important to take measures to prevent decay because saliva helps reduce decay-causing bacteria in your mouth. When saliva levels are chronically low, a fluoride treatment strengthens your teeth’s resistance to the effects of these bacteria.


Radiation treatments for treatment of mouth, throat or neck cancer can cause a person’s mouth to be very dry. We recommend fluoride treatment at this time to prevent tooth decay that would simply give a patient more problems to deal with. It’s a smart idea to keep us informed of any major changes in your health so we can help you protect your oral health while you receive medical treatment. This is protection we want to offer all the families in the Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, and Geist area. Please call us with any questions about these services.




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