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Why Wisdom Tooth Extractions are so Important

Posted on: Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Important of removing the wisdom teeth

From the middle of high school through the college years, it’s so very common for teens and young adults to visit their dentists to have wisdom teeth extracted. Why do so many people need these teeth removed? And is it really that vital?

A remarkable number of people simply don’t have enough room in their jaws for wisdom teeth to erupt (break through the gum) properly and stay healthy. The term “impacted” is used to describe a tooth that is not able to come in normally.

An impacted wisdom tooth can be found in a number of different (and incorrect) positions:

  • Wisdom teeth – also called “third molars” – may try be tilted to the front of the mouth in which case they press on second molars. This can cause decay in the second molar as well as creating spaces in which food debris can be trapped, causing infection. This is the most usual type of impaction.
  • The tooth may be positioned horizontally, in which case the tooth will never be able to right itself and erupt normally.
  • In a few cases, the tooth may be tipped toward the back of the mouth.
  • Teeth may also get trapped within the jaw bone and not even make a partial appearance in the mouth.

When a wisdom tooth is badly positioned, the body may try to cope with it by creating a cyst around the tooth. This cyst can become infected, resulting in pain and swelling. In time, the cyst may replace bone tissue which weakens the jaw bone, even to the point of fracture.

If you have a wisdom tooth that has only partially erupted, you may find that the gum above the tooth becomes infected from time to time. You could experience swelling and it may be hard to open your jaw fully. But many people don’t have symptoms to reveal the problem that’s brewing out of sight. In that case, only an x-ray can detect poorly positioned, impacted wisdom teeth. Extracting those teeth before they have a chance to cause serious problems including bone or tooth loss is vital.

If you reside in the Fishers, Indiana area and have not had a careful dental examination for potential wisdom tooth problems, call us. We are happy to help you maintain the health of all your teeth with regular maintenance and any other care you need. We take great pride in ensuring our patients are as relaxed and comfortable as possible and understand every step of the care they are getting. We look forward to helping you and your family soon. Call Drs. Wright and Greenaway at Fall Creek Dentistry today for your appointment: (317) 596-8000



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